Insurance And Payment Policies

Our physicians are on the panel of most health plans in the area. In addition, we accept Medicare and Worker’s Compensation.  Please bring your insurance card and a photo id with you for every visit.  We are willing to provide any and all care that adheres to your insurance company guidelines but we need your help. It is impossible to keep track of all the individual insurance plan requirements. Each insurance plan has different policies regarding how often services may be rendered and where the services may be performed. We depend on you to know the requirements of your insurance coverage. If you are covered by more than one plan, please bring a membership card for each plan.


We collect the CO-PAYMENT at the time of the visit. Please remember that insurance is considered a method of assisting the patient with medical expenses and is not a substitute for payment. For your convenience we accept CASH, CHECK, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS & DISCOVER.


Please check with our business office for any specific questions by phone (859) 422-4551 or contact your insurance carrier.

Automobile And Personal Injury Patients

If you are being seen due to an automobile accident and automobile insurance is going to provide payment for the visit, you must bring the following information to your FIRST visit:


  • Address For Bill Submission
  • Adjuster’s Name
  • Claim Number
  • Copies Of Your Medical Record And X-Rays
  • Date Of Injury
  • Name Of Insurance
  • Telephone Number Of The Adjuster


If you present without the above information, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Workers’ Compensation Patients

In order for our physicians to care for you under your Workers’ Compensation coverage:

  • A FORM 113 to your office visit.
  • Kentucky Law requires your employer to complete a FORM 113 for work-related injuries/accidents.
  • This form MUST be presented to the office BEFORE services are rendered.

Workwell Program

Bluegrass Orthopaedics Workwell Program is a comprehensive occupational health program offers access to a wide range of preventative treatment and wellness services beyond traditional workers’ compensation services. The Bluegrass Orthopaedics Workwell Philosophy centers on injury management, with a focus on prevention and wellness, resulting in fewer lost work days, decreased workers’ compensation claims and a healthier, safer workforce.

Preventative Services
  • Customized Pre-Employment Screening
  • Ergonomic Job Site Evaluation
  • Development of Job Specific Exercise Programs
  • Employee Education


Post Injury Services
  • Prompt Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Timely Diagnostic Testing: X-Ray, MRI, EMG/NCV
  • Skilled Surgical Intervention
  • Transitional Return to Work Programs
  • IME/ Second Opinion
  • Permanent Partial Impairment Ratings (PPI)
  • Post Injury Rehabilitation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)


Service Guarantee
  • Acutely injured patients will be evaluated within one work day.
    • Chronic spine injuries/complaints will be best treated by our spine specialists.
    • Therefore, chronic spine injuries may or may not be evaluated within one working day.
  • MRI will be completed within 3 days with results provided to the physician within 24 hours.
  • EMG’s will be completed within 7 days with the results to the physician within 24 hours.
  • If required, Physical Therapy will be initiated within 2 working days.
  • Post appointment information will be communicated to the nurse care manager, employer or insurance carrier within one working day.


If you have questions concerning the Bluegrass Orthopaedics Workwell Program, call our Worker’s Compensation Manager at (888) 422-3170 ext. 571 or our PT – Director of Physical Therapy ext. 507.
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