Bob Russell: Comeback Champion

Bob Russell: Comeback Champion

Bob Russell:  Comeback Champion
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BGO is proud to acknowledge our latest Comeback Champion – Mr. Bob Russell.  Please read the story below, in Bob’s own words:

“While some folks require an orthopedic procedure to repair or replacement a joint due to an injury, my story is different, I was born with hip dysplasia – meaning I was born without hip sockets.  This was unknown to me until this past November 2018 when I was x-rayed at Bluegrass Orthopaedics.  I did have arthritis in each hip, but the hip dysplasia was the driver to each hip being replaced.  I had always been active; riding my bike growing up all over my home town; playing sports (especially slow-pitch softball) until my late thirties; walking daily around the 1.2 mile park in my home town while on my lunch hour from the time I got out of college until my mid-forties; helping my father-in-law, who was a carpenter, build homes and garages, and remodeling a couple homes my wife and I lived in; and playing golf in my later years up to now.  I reached the point in the last five years that things became increasing difficult due to the pain level – I had to do something.

I drive a 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS, which is a 6-speed standard shift.  It became very painful to drive and shift gears, and even my wife’s automatic SUV became hurtful to drive any distance.  The pain would wake me during the night.  But, based on general health and physical condition, I did not seek medical guidance until age 68.

Before I saw Dr. Denehy in November 2018, I had started out-patient physical therapy in anticipation of surgery based on orders from my family physician, Dr. Dale Goodin.  I saw Dr. Denehy around the end of November 2018, and he explained to me my diagnosis and the surgical procedure, then scheduled surgery for the complete hip replacement of my right hip on January 10, 2019.  The surgery for the complete hip replacement of my left hip was done on March 6, 2019.  Both surgeries were done at Baptist Health.    After the first surgery I did three weeks of in-home PT, and then another three weeks of out-patient PT.  After my second surgery I only required two weeks of in-home PT.

Considering I had two major surgeries within two months, I had great experiences with PT, the in-hospital experience at Baptist Health, and of course Dr. Denehy and his staff.  Even my blood pressure has dropped and my family doctor has taken me my medication.  I am pain-free and cutting grass, working in the yard, walking, and playing golf.  I feel very blessed and very thankful for Dr. Denehy.  To me, one very important aspect about my surgeries was that I did my PT before and after each surgery, I was mentally ready for each surgery because I knew it was going to be a betterment for my life, and I did what Dr. Denehy and all involved with my surgeries and recuperation told me to do.  Again, thank you Dr. Denehy, you are excellent surgeon and one fine man.  May God Bless you and your family.  I am truly blessed.”

-Bob Russell

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