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Bernard Dunn: Comeback Champion

Bluegrass Orthopaedics is proud to acknowledge Mr. Bernard Dunn, our latest Comeback Champion. Being a very active individual both in recreation and at work, Mr. Dunn sought treatment from BGO’s shoulder and elbow specialist Dr. Ryan Donegan. “After 35 years of plumbing and physical activities, my right shoulder (finally) gave out. I was not able […]

Thad Holway: Comeback Champion

Bluegrass Orthopaedics is very happy to hear such an active patient is well on his way to returning to the activity he loves. Thad Holway, an active water skier, states “After 18 months of constant tightness and lessened range of motion in both hips, I finally decided to listen to Dr Christensen and have both […]

Marilyn Hoffman-Elrod: Comeback Champion

Marilyn Hoffman-Elrod: Comeback Champion “I’m ready for whatever’s next!” says this month’s BGO Comeback Champion, Marilyn Hoffman-Elrod.  Being an active individual, Marilyn was at the end of her rope.  As she stated, “After several years of cortisone shots, they were becoming less and less effective.  That’s all I had to say to (physician assistant) Evan […]

Tyler Collishaw: Comeback Champion

Tyler Collishaw:  Comeback Champion Bluegrass Orthopaedics is proud to highlight a true Champion – Tyler Collishaw.  Tyler is an elite level athlete, with collegiate experience, but unfortunately tore his ACL during a Major League Soccer (MLS) combine late last year.  After surgery, and through much hard work, Tyler will be signing with an MLS team […]

Nicholas Hawes: Comeback Champion of the Month

Nicholas Hawes:  Comeback Champion of the Month Bluegrass Orthopaedics is extremely honored to acknowledge our latest “Comeback Champion” – Nicholas Hawes.  Nicholas is a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called MPS 1 Hurler Syndrome.  Nicholas’ body does not make a specific enzyme to breakdown large sugar molecules which […]

Pete Akatsa: Comeback Patient of the Month

Pete Akatsa:  Comeback Patient of the Month Pete Akatsa, who many of those in Lexington know through Commonwealth Soccer Club and youth soccer programs, has been involved with athletics his whole life!  As represented in the photo, Coach Akatsa had the opportunity to play on the 1979 Kenyan World Cup Field Hockey Team, as well as […]

Jim Benson: Comeback Champion of the Month

Jim Benson:  Comeback Champion of the Month Jim Benson has lived a very active life – from youth sports in the Chicago area, football at The University of Kentucky, owning his own fitness center (Snap Fitness – Veterans Park), and more recently competitive weightlifting.  While playing some pick-up basketball, Jim went for a layup and felt […]

Michael Blanton: Comeback Champion of the Month

Michael Blanton sustained a significant ankle injury while at work in 2017, leading to a surgery in November to repair the ligaments in his ankle.  He progressed very well in rehab, and through it, gained trust of his ankle. He was able to return fully to work last month!  Bethany Crisp, PTA says, “He was […]